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A presentation given by a distinguished individual on a topic of interest to the field of general semantics

The Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture Series

AKML Speakers

Since 1952, the Institute of General Semantics has sponsored the annual Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture (AKML), a presentation given by a distinguished individual on a topic of interest to the field of general semantics.  View Archive | Upcoming Lecture Series


In 1952, two years after founder Alfred Korzbyski’s sudden death, Institute of General Semantics Director M. Kendig initiated an annual program to remember Korzybski and celebrate the continuation of his goals for human development and progress.

This program became known as the Alfred Korzybski Memorial Lecture Series, or “AKML.” Kendig viewed this series as a means not only to remember Korzybski, but also to celebrate the contributions of those whose work is scientifically oriented and promotes what Korzybski termed “time-binding,” the unique human ability to build on the achievements of others through the use of symbols and languages.


An impressive lineup of speakers has added significant prestige to the AKML, which over the years has featured prominent authors, scientists, psychologists, educators, and individuals from varied backgrounds.

A few of the more recognizable names include Abraham Maslow, Buckminster Fuller, Albert Ellis, Steve Allen, Leonard Shlain, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Lou Marinoff, Ellen Langer, J. Allan Hobson, Robert Carneiro, James Van Allen, Karl H. Pribram, Deborah Tannen, Sherry Turkle, and others.

Upcoming events

    • 4 Mar 2024
    • 15 Mar 2024
    • Canvas

    Language and Thought

    An Online Course

    March 4-15

    Dr. Mary P. Lahman, Instructor

    The Institute of General Semantics is pleased to sponsor an online asynchronous course on general semantics to be taught by IGS Trustee Mary P. Lahman, Professor Emerita of Communication Studies at Manchester University and author of Awareness and Action. As an asynchronous course, students will be able to engage with the course material and interact from anywhere in the world, and at any time during the 12 day-period. The course is being offered via the Canvas learning management system. 

    Course Description: This course explores the relationship between language and thought, specifically how positions that may seem diverse and incompatible stem from inferences based on limited experience. We discover language behaviors that help us delay responding to automatic thinking and listening habits. By learning to pause, we gain awareness of our perceptions and emotional responses, which can increase our ability to engage in civil discourse about controversial topics. We explore how unexamined language behaviors perpetuate misperceptions of past and present controversies in professional and personal spaces. We determine which language and listening behaviors respect the infinite worth of each person in the interaction.

    An ebook edition of the required text, Lahman, M. P. (2018). Action and Awareness: A Travel Companion, will be provided free of charge.

    The seminar fee is $100 for IGS members, $200 for non-members.

    We will try to accommodate everyone interested in attending the seminar, but space will necessarily be limited, so register early to ensure your participation!

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