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Books you might find rewarding

Looking for Books on General Semantics?

These bibliographies provide some pointers to what books you might find rewarding based on your interest in general semantics.

Bob Pula

General Semantics Seminar-Workshop Bibliography

by Bob Pula

Dozens of insightful and witty observations and critical comments on most of the available published literature in general semantics. The single most useful summary to help address the questions, What should I read? What should I read next? What should I have already read? Read Bibliography Online

Susan Presby KodishA Bibliography: Approaches Related to General Semantics

by Susan Presby Kodish

Co-author (with husband Bruce) of Drive Yourself Sane, Susan provides a helpful overview of books from other disciplines that relate or can be compared/contrasted with General Semantics, including Rational-Emotive Behavior Therapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Critical Thinking, etc. Read Bibliography Online

Bruce I. KodishA Nonverbal Awareness Bibliography

by Bruce I. Kodish

Co-author (with wife Susan) of Drive Yourself Sane, Bruce offers a reading list of books related to the often-overlooked non-verbal or sensory awareness aspects of general semantics as advocated by Korzybski and developed by Charlotte Schuchardt Read, and Charlotte Selver. Read Bibliography Online

Allen Walker Read

A Tribute to Allen Walker Read (1906-2002)

Allen Walker Read was an inspiration to language lovers everywhere — from pop grammarians to heavy-hitting linguists and etymologists. We can look at his long lifetime of work and say — “that was more than O.K.”

– William Safire

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