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ETC 72:1 (January 2015) Is Now Available for Download from the IGS Store

19 Jul 2015 5:05 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

ETC: A Review of General Semantics will soon be mailed and is now available for download from the IGS Store in searchable PDF format.

Table of Contents Preview

  • "The Terrance Deacon’s Incomplete Nature: How Mind Emerged from Matter. The Teleodynamics of Culture, Language, Organization, Science, Economics and Technology (CLOSET). Part II: Are Culture, Language, Organization, Science, Economics, and Technology (CLOSET) Teleodynamic Phenomena?" by Robert K. Logan
  • "Structuring and the Notion 'Time': A General Semantics Conscious Time-Binding Approach" by Milton Dawes
  • "The Time Binders in Korzybski’s Manhood of Humanity" by Krishna Daiya
  • "On Language Wars" by Michael Moore
  • "Danger: Deficiences Ahead" by Gary H. Mayer
  • Interview:
    "Media Ecology and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL)" by Peter Zhang, Chin-Chin Tseng, and Natalie Sheen
  • From the Vault:
    "Metalanguage" by Gregory Bateson
    "Form, Substance, and Difference" by Gregory Bateson
    "The Relevance of General Semantics" by Alvin Toffler
  • Poems:
    "'I am a tear of the sun': Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Autobiography" by Phillip Dow
    "The Face" by Joan Colby
    "Joyrides" by Joan Colby
    "The Sketch Artist" by Joan Colby
    "Vowels" by Joan Colby
    "ISMS" by Joan Colby
  • Plus Letter from the Editor, Book Reviews, News and Notes.

Cover Art

The photograph used for the cover of ETC 72:1 is titled Haecceity “此”性 and is part of a textual and
photographic essay Zen Musings as featured in ETC 71:4 by photographer Wei-Shyuan (Stone) Peng.

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