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Double Issue ETC 74:1-2 (2017) Is Now Available for Download from the IGS Store

3 Nov 2018 4:43 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Our long-awaited double issue 74:1-2 (2017) of ETC: A Review of General Semantics is in the mail and is now available for download from the IGS Store in searchable PDF format.

Table of Contents Preview

"etcetera" by e e cummings

"Science and Values" by Edward L. Thorndike

"People in Quandaries: And Why They Are There" by Wendell Johnson

"The Relation of Habitual Thought and Behavior to Language" by Benjamin Lee Whorf

"Adolph Hitler and Words" by F. K. Richter

"General Semantics: An Introductory Lecture" by S. I. Hayakawa

"Release of Atomic Energy" by Alfred Korzybski

"A Suggested Improvement in Semantic Usage" by A. H. Maslow

"Probability as a Guide in Life" by Rudolf Carnap

"Alfred Korzybski July 3, 1879 - March 1, 1950 Biographical Summary" by Anatol Rapoport

"On the Varieties of Research in General Semantics" by Irving J. Lee

"Lineal and Nonlineal Codifications of Reality" by Dorothy Lee

"Obiter Dicta: The Nylon War" by David Riesman

"Communication: Its Blocking and Its Facilitation" by Carl R. Rogers

"Recent Contributions to the Mathematical Theory of Communication" by Warren Weaver

"Metalogue: Daddy, How Much Do You Know?" by Gregory Bateson

"Background to Kinesics" by Ray L. Birdwhistell

"Toward a Humanistic Psychology" by A. H. Maslow

"'Never Have So Few Owed So Much to So Many'" by Newton N. Minow

"The Erewhonians and the Open Society" by Karl R. Popper

"Go Slow" by Langston Hughes

"Towards a Theory of Protest" by Kenneth E. Boulding

"The Backlash Blues" by Langston Hughes

"The Ambiguous Mirror: The Reflective-Projective Theory of Broadcasting and Mass Communication" by Lee Loevinger

"Crises in Communication: A Plea for Awareness and Response" by Nicholas Johnson

"Not Since Babel" by Edmund Carpenter

"The Limits of My Media" by Terence P. Moran

"What I Think Korzybski Thought--and What I Think about It" by Anatol Rapoport

Plus Letter from the Editor.

Cover Art

The title of this double issue's cover photograph is "Manhood of Humanity," by photographer Stephen Shore. Marty Levinson, President of the Institute of General Semantics, saw Stephen's photographs on display at a show dedicated to him at the Museum of Modern Art in late 2017, and was surprised to see this photo -- which as you will note, in the top half, includes the inset from Korzybski’s book. At Marty's request, Stephen has given the Institute permission to use the photo for the cover of ETC. As Marty wrote: "I think it’s a real paean to time-binding."

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